Email Marketing Tips: 7 Ways to Create a Meaningful Subject Line

Are you getting ready to send an email marketing campaign? Here are some tips to get you started.

This is the most important component of your email. Why? Because this is how you get people to open your message! Think about how many messages you receive that go unopened because they sound like a hard sell, spam, boring or irrelevant. The subject lines that grab your attention are ones that sound compelling, relevant and relatable.

 So how do you create an effective subject line?

Here are some basics (and a lot of these rules can relate to your message content as well):

1) Make it short.

The fewer words you use, the better. Stick to 50 characters or less (30 – 40 is ideal).


It comes across like yelling. Capital letters and exclamation points makes your subject read like spam plus they are hard to read. Don’t use them. Ever.

3) Avoid certain words or phrases.

Some words have been overused and abused by spammers and marketers.  As a result, we ignore them. The folks over at Hubspot have put together the ultimate list of words to avoid. These include words like free, help, limetime, teen, wife, hello, greetings, sign up free today, free sample, free offer, act now, bonus.  See the complete roundup here.

4) Stop selling and start telling!

Use your subject line to tell, not sell, what your message is. Emphasize how we will benefit from opening your email.

5) Ask a question

Ask a question that will make me say yes and want to learn more about what you are offering.

6) Create a sense of urgency.

This is a tricky one because anything too urgent makes you sound desperate.

7) Make sure your subject line reflects the content of your message.

Do you have any email marketing tips to share or add? Do you have a trick that works for you? I’d love to know!

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